Jampa's 100% Plant Based

Here at Jampa's we're mad for flavour, texture & taste

As our chef founder keeps reminding us – he didn’t give up meat because he didn’t like the taste!

The point for us at Jampa’s is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a raging carnivore, new wave flexitarian or hard-core vegan, we don’t think you should be sold down the river with some dodgy wannabe that’s never going to cut the mustard.

And so, we’re chuffed to pieces to bring you our mind-boggling meaty morsels – that’s not just us saying that by the way.

Created with love, care, and a passion for life. Please, fill your boots and tell us what you think.

By the way, in case you were wondering, Jampa means ‘loving kindness’ in Tibetan

Jampa's 100% Plant Based

About Us

Our Story

Our chef founder, Richard – who some years earlier had transitioned from old-school carnivore to totally vegan overnight – couldn’t get a decent plant-based pork-style pie for love nor money. And then lockdown happened.

Suddenly, with no work and a lot of time, he got down to sorting it. The mission from day one was simple: to create something with the appearance, texture and most importantly, taste, of an actual pork pie.

Fast forward eighteen months and the first Jampa’s porky pie was nervously previewed at the World Plant Based Expo in London, and BOOM! Thing’s went a little crazy.

Our Food

We may be happy as pigs in mud to have got here, but this is just the start.

Jampa's Don't Tell Porky Pies

The Pies & More

In tasting tests, there was a universal: “it’s just like a pork pie but better”. All this with super low carbon emissions and absolutely no animals involved. Job done. Well not quite, because this is just the start of a Jampa’s plant-based culinary adventure.

We don't tell porky pies... we make them

Coming very, very soon...

Beefy and Ale Pie

Braised Beefy In Red Wine

There’s loads more in the pipeline too. We’ll keep you updated here and on social media as we carry on shaking  and mixing things up with a whole lotta of love, and an insatiable appetite for serious, meaty flavour.

Trade Enquiries

Things are starting to go a little crazy with the level of interest at the Jampa’s Kitchen – so much so that we’ve found ourselves a brilliant, BRC AA accredited production kitchen so we can always keep up with the ever-increasing demands in volume, without so much a losing a soupçon of the artisan nature and flavour of our cheffie prototypes.

We are working with a number of distribution partners and retailers, so please contact us to find out how to join the Jampa’s family, or to ask any questions – except for our recipes!

On a company and personal level, we are always focused on our impact on people and the planet, and this is something we aim to put before profit. As such we have now embarked on the BCorp journey. We look forward to getting our accreditation soon.

Please call Simon or Richard to discuss your specific needs.

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