Peace, Love & Understanding

Jampa the Tibetan Terrier on a beach

Welcome to Jampa’s inaugural blog. And what better place to start than introducing you to what the Jampa’s blog is all about going forward.

Essentially, the aim is to create a little happy place of inspirational musings – some food for thought around our general state of health and well-being. It’s the stuff that influences me on a day-to-day basis – from music to food; dogs and good sleep to road trips and recipes. It’s what was at the core of my rejuvenate journey from hard-living carnivore to mindfully plant-based and gave me a new direction and journey when I thought there was no other. It won’t be just my voice you hear in all this either. We want to get interesting and influential guests to add their unique vibe to what we really hope will become a regular little library of happy, inspiring, and insightful ramblings.

It was this more holistic approach to my life that led to the creation of Jampa’s in the first place. I never set out to create a business from it. Jampa’s Porky Pie actually began life as a labour of love – simply my desire to recreate the eating experience I once enjoyed from a meat version, because I was unable to find a satisfactory vegan product that would truly hit the spot. It just seemed a shame not to share it when it worked. The point is, Jampa’s is much more than a food brand to us, and through these blogs, it will hopefully be more to you too.

And why the name Jampa’s? It just so happens, that was the name of a crazy and adorable little Tibetan Terrier who was the catalyst in this lifestyle revolution. A terminal illness diagnosis for dog Jampa and a suggestion from our vet that a vegan diet may just help any treatment in the time he had left essentially led myself and my wife on a journey of discovery and lifestyle transformation that was unimaginable to me before. It seems remarkable serendipity looking back, that Jampa’s name means loving kindness in Tibetan.

Having said all of that, none of what we do here at Jampa’s the food business is about trying to preach or even persuade anyone to take the same drastic steps that I did. I was always a person of extremes, so taking the middle ground was never really an option. However, if moderation is the same illusive beast for you that it was for me, then please – go the full hog (pardon the pun!): vegan, alcohol abstinence, Olympian training regime – the whole nine yards. Otherwise, just take a little of what you fancy from all this. It may be nothing more than an inspiring tune or a simple hack for better sleep. It doesn’t matter. All we all really need at the end of the day – in the simple and perfect words of Elvis Costello – is just a little bit more, “peace, love and understanding”.

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